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Ski route experience Vorarlberg

Experience endless vastness with a feeling of safety

Ski touring is constantly growing in popularity. No surprise there! Hardly any other winter activity takes you that close to untouched nature. And as a reward for all the troubles you will not only enjoy breath-taking views but also unforgettable deep snow descents.

Ski touring in the Vorarlberg region with Ski School Zürs

Play it safe and request one of the experienced and reliable mountain and ski guides of Ski School Zürs to be your personal mountain companion. Place yourself into the experienced hands of our local ski instructors and conquer over 100 summits of the Arlberg, the Verwall group and of the Lechtal Alps!

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Safety Camp of the Ski School Zürs

The Edelweiß meeting point in Zürs is the venue of the Arlberg’s first permanent Safety Camp. Every Sunday at 4.00pm, the Ski School Zürs offers exercises on handling state-of-the-art evacuation equipment. Own equipment can also be checked. The training of the ski school is free for all guests in Zürs, as your safety is a top priority to us!